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Herb Ford

Herb Ford
Herb Ford is a retired PUC professor of communication, a published author, and the former vice president for alumni and advancement.

They Even Put It In The Bank For Me...

That's right-PUC deposits the payment from my Charitable Gift Annuity investment in my bank, automatically. And what's so good about it is that I'm earning a rate far higher than a CD would bring, and at the same time I'm helping PUC provide the kind of Christian education I received.

Here's how it works: I handed the college $20,000. In return the college guaranteed me that I'd receive a 6.4 percent* return on that amount for the rest of my life and the same for the rest of my wife's life. And I could take some tax deductibility just for doing that, and a part of each of my quarterly payments is tax free income. Then when my wife or I no longer need any money, whatever remains of that initial $20,000, plus any growth, becomes a significant gift to "Dear Old PUC."

Talk about something you can count on-my investment is guaranteed at the rate it started out at 6.4 percent*. So while it will never go up, it will also never go down. No worry about what the stock market does, my rate will always be the same - guaranteed.

Maybe you can, but I can't think of a better investment than that. Of course I could have invested $5,000, or $50,000, or $500,000 in this plan if I had wanted to (and had those larger amounts), but $20,000 suited me just fine. It was $20,000 that wasn't going anyplace in CDs, and at my age it certainly wasn't going into mutual funds or other iffy securities. And right along I'd always wanted to do something kind of special that would help PUC, so it was natural to go this route.

If you're a 65 years old or more, why don't you give Eckhard Hubin at the college a call at 707-965-6596 and ask him to prepare and send you an analysis for this kind of investment, for whatever amount you feel best? It won't cost you a dime to look at the figures.