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Looking Back on Their Journey

Looking Back on Their Journey
After finishing with the Navy, Ivan Reeve had thought of a career in electronics. His Uncle Les changed his mind, however, when he told him, "You've always been an exceptional student; you need to take medicine." And so, with the support of his wife, Elizabeth, the journey through pre-medicine and medicine began. Neither of them could foresee just how bumpy the ride was going to be.

Ivan and Liz arrived on the PUC campus in 1953 and lived in the village with their first child, Randall. During their time at PUC, Ivan became discouraged and was ready to quit. Liz had just had a miscarriage, and their grief made it hard to keep up with the classes and workload. It was PUC's business manager, Robert Strickland, who encouraged them and counseled Ivan to stick it out. It was also Mr. Strickland who helped Ivan obtain the scholarship that enabled him to graduate from PUC debt-free. Through hard work and perseverance on both their parts, Ivan made it through medical school and set up his first practice in Marysville, California, where he and Liz worked side by side, even though by this time they had five children.

Years later, retired and wanting to slow down, they decided to sell the two vacant lots they owned near their home in Blue Jay, California, and use the funds to create a charitable remainder trust. The trust would give them a little extra income each month, and the remainder would go to fund a College Loan Fund in their names at PUC. The Loan Fund targets married or single parents in financial need. Liz recalls how hard it was trying to put Ivan through school with small children and says, "We want to help other parents who are struggling with the same situation."

Ivan and Elizabeth Reeve have been giving of themselves for many years through Ivan's practice and also by opening their hearts and home to students and young people. Often there would be a group of as many as 15 students from La Sierra College enjoying a break from classes at "Aunt Liz and Uncle Ivan's house." Now, because of their foresight, the Reeves will continue giving to students even after they are gone.

If you would like information on how you can set up a charitable remainder trust to benefit students at PUC, please visit our website at www.pucestateplanning.org or call the Estate Planning office at 707-965-6596.